Turn down for what? Rize Radio does it big for listeners 2016 #4thofjuly!

Rize Radio Global a partner of “TuneIn Radio”, is proud to debut our
first blog in effort to introduce the Rize Radio family to the world!
Our goal is to create new memories through the music we play in every
listeners home, car, and workplace. Rize Radio is the station you can
always count on to #RIZEUP your day whenever you tune in.

Rize Radio is not just a station that represents everyday people, we
are also the “hub” for “global” DJ’s from all walks of life. Rize Radio
absolutely loves collaborating with gifted DJ’s from all over the world;
giving each listener a more unique experience! Here at Rize we love music but beyond that we love
the art of mixing & scratching and the beautiful dope blended sound it creates… There’s nothing more sacred than the sound of music pride ourselves in providing that to our listeners.

Let’s jump into the music! Rize Radio is excited to present our “Independence Day Mix Down”, in
commemoration of the 4th of July. Starting from 8 am to 2 am we will
be playing the hottest music, mixed by the world’s most talented DJ’s
from all over the globe.

This Special Mix Down Features DJ’s from around the globe:
DJ Thump – Las Vegas, NV
DJ E-Dub – Los Angeles, CA
DJ Fizz – Oakland, CA
DJ Architect – Italy
DJ Hamp – Chicago, IL
DJ Prince Paul – Montana
DJ John – Jamaica
DJ Fadah Baptist – Belize
DJ Curt – Atlanta, GA

Shout to all you amazing DJ’s for being the best at what you do and for submitting your mixes, allowing us to provide #GLOBALGREATNESS to our listeners. The Rize Radio family would like to thank all of our followers &
listeners, for believing in us.
Check out our weekly blogs on rizeradioglobal.com for the most current
entertainment news, and don’t forget to give us your feedback by
sharing your thoughts. We look forward to reading
your comments, and again we thank you for your support!

Why TURN DOWN when you can RIZE UP everyday to Rize Radio, your global station!

Rize Radio

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